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F IGURE 4-1 Older browsers failing Acid2
Newer versions of browsers are far better than their predecessors, and now have good
support for CSS1 and CSS 2.1 as well as many features from CSS3. Yet even as CSS support
has become more commonplace, significant issues remain. Browser bugs still exist, portions
of the CSS specification remain unsupported, developer education and uptake is lagging,
and proprietary extensions to style sheets are rapidly being introduced by browser vendors.
It seems the more things change the more they stay the same regardless of the technology in
use. HTML wonks who have spent time addressing quirks and workarounds will find plenty
of new ones to address in the world of CSS. We'll return to this sad fact at the end of the
chapter when we discuss the pragmatic use of CSS, but now let's take our first look at CSS.
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