HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
No standards support
Internet Explorer 5+
• Native browser support for the <xml> tag is limited to Internet Explorer 5 or later,
though given native support for XML in modern browsers, it is possible to simulate
the idea by defining a custom tag and hiding it using CSS display or visibility
properties. See
Mozilla for an example.
<xmp> (Example)
This deprecated but still widely supported element indicates that the enclosed text is an
example. Example text generally is rendered in a monospaced font, and the spaces, tabs,
and returns are preserved, as with the pre element.
Syntax (Defined by HTML 2; Deprecated Under HTML 4)
Attributes Defined by Internet Explorer
accesskey="key" (5.5)
class="class name(s)" (4)
contenteditable="false | true | inherit" (5.5)
dir="ltr | rtl"
hidefocus="true | false" (5.5)
id="unique alphanumeric value" (4)
lang="language code" (4)
language="javascript | jscript | vbs | vbscript" (4)
style="style information" (4)
tabindex="number" (5.5)
title="advisory text" (4)
unselectable="on | off" (5.5)
Events Defined by Internet Explorer
onactivate, onbeforeactivate, onbeforecut, onbeforedeactivate,
onbeforeeditfocus, onbeforepaste, onblur, onclick, oncontextmenu,
oncontrolselect, oncopy, oncut, ondblclick, ondeactivate, ondrag,
ondragend, ondragenter, ondragleave, ondragover, ondragstart, ondrop,
onfocus, onfocusin, onfocusout, onhelp, onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup,
onlosecapture, onmousedown, onmouseenter, onmouseleave, onmousemove,
onmouseout, onmouseover, onmouseup, onmousewheel, onmove, onmoveend,
onmovestart, onpaste, onpropertychange, onreadystatechange, onresize,
onresizeend, onresizestart, onselectstart, ontimeerror
<xmp> This is a large block of text used as an example.
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