HTML and CSS Reference
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lines. <spacer align="left" type="block" height="100" width="100"> This
is a bunch of text that flows around an invisible block region. You
could have easily performed this layout with a table.
No standards support
Netscape 3, 4, 4.5-4.8
• This element should not be used, because even newer versions of the Netscape
browser (6 and 7) have dropped support for this element. It is presented for
historical reasons and will be dropped from the reference in the next edition of this
<span> (Text Span)
This inline element is used to group content so scripting or style rules can be applied to the
enclosed content. As it has no preset or rendering meaning, this is the most useful inline
element for associating style and script with content.
class="class name(s)"
dir="ltr | rtl"
id="unique alphanumeric string"
lang="language code"
style="style information"
title="advisory text">
Attributes Introduced by HTML5
accesskey="spaced list of accelerator key(s)"
contenteditable="true | false | inherit"
contextmenu="id of menu"
data-X="user-defined data"
draggable="true | false | auto"
itemid="microdata id in URL format"
itemprop="microdata value"
itemref="space-separated list of IDs that may contain microdata"
itemtype="microdata type in URL format"
spellcheck="true | false"
Attributes Defined by Internet Explorer
accesskey="key" (5.5)
contenteditable="false | true | inherit" (5.5)
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