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<nobr> This really long text ... will not be broken. </nobr>
<nobr> With this element it is often important to hint where a line may
be broken using &lt; wbr &gt;. <wbr> This element acts as a soft return. </
No standards support
Firefox 1+, Internet Explorer 4+, Netscape 1.1+, Opera 4+
• While many browsers support this attribute, it is not part of any W3C standard.
• See the “<wbr> (Word Break)” section later in the chapter for a discussion of how to
implement soft-break functionality without the proprietary wbr element.
<noembed> (No Embedded Media Support)
This Netscape-introduced element is used to indicate alternative content to be displayed on
browsers that cannot support an embedded media object. It should occur in conjunction
with the embed element.
Proprietary Syntax (Initially Defined by Netscape)
class="class name"
id="unique id"
style="CSS rules"
title="advisory text">
Alternative content for browsers that do not support embed
Element-Specific Attributes
Netscape does not specifically define attributes for this element; however, testing and
documentation suggests that class , id , style , and title might be supported for this
element in many browsers.
<embed src="" height="300" width="300">
<img src="error.gif" alt="Error">
<p> This browser is not configured to display video </p>
No standards support
Netscape 2, 3, 4-4.7
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