HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
spellcheck="true | false"
type= older type values from above | color | date | datetime |
datetime-local | email | list | number | month | range |
tel | time | url | search | week
Attributes Defined by Internet Explorer
autocomplete="off | on" (5) (password, text types only)
dynsrc="URL of movie" (3) (image type only)
language="javascript | jscript | vbs | vbscript" (4)
disabled="false | true" (4) (all types except for hidden)
hidefocus="true | false" (5.5)
height="pixels" (3) (image type only)
hspace="pixels or percentage" (3)
loop="number" (4) (image type only)
lowsrc="URL of low-resolution image" (4) (image type only)
unselectable="off | on" (5.5)
vspace="pixels or percentage" (3) (image type only)
width="pixels" (3) (image type only)
Standard Event Attributes
onchange, onclick, ondblclick, onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup,
onmousedown, onmousemove, onmouseout, onmouseover, onmouseup, onselect
HTML5 Event Attributes
onabort, onblur, oncanplay, oncanplaythrough, onchange, onclick,
oncontextmenu, ondblclick, ondrag, ondragend, ondragenter, ondragleave,
ondragover, ondragstart, ondrop, ondurationchange, onemptied, onended,
onerror, onfocus, onformchange, onforminput, oninput, oninvalid, onkeydown,
onkeypress, onkeyup, onload, onloadeddata, onloadedmetadata, onloadstart,
onmousedown, onmousemove, onmouseout, onmouseover, onmouseup, onmousewheel,
onpause, onplay, onplaying, onprogress, onratechange, onreadystatechange,
onscroll, onseeked, onseeking, onselect, onshow, onstalled, onsubmit,
onsuspend, ontimeupdate, onvolumechange, onwaiting
Events Defined by Internet Explorer
onactivate, onafterupdate (checkbox, hidden, password, radio, text),
onbeforeactivate (all types except hidden), onbeforecut (all types except hidden),
onbeforedeactivate, onbeforeeditfocus, onbeforepaste (all types except hidden),
onbeforeupdate (checkbox, hidden, password, radio, text), onblur (all types
except hidden), oncontextmenu (all types except hidden), oncontrolselect, oncut
(all types except hidden), ondeactivate, ondrag (all types except hidden), ondragend
(all types except hidden), ondragenter (all types except hidden), ondragleave (all
types except hidden), ondragover (all types except hidden), ondragstart (all types
except hidden), ondrop (all types except hidden), onerrorupdate (checkbox,
hidden, password, radio, text), onfilterchange (all types except hidden),
onfocus, onfocusin (all types except hidden), onfocusout (all types except hidden),
onhelp (all types except hidden), onlosecapture, onmouseenter (all types except
hidden), onmouseleave (all types except hidden), onmousewheel (all types except
hidden), onmove, onmoveend, onmovestart, onpaste (all types except hidden),
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