HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
• HTML5 includes the iframe but does not include standard frames.
• When a browser does not understand an <iframe> tag, it displays the text included
within it as an alternate rendering.
<ilayer> (Inflow Layer)
This Netscape 4-specific element allows the definition of overlapping content layers that
can be positioned, hidden or shown, rendered transparent or opaque, reordered front to
back, and nested. An inflow layer is a layer with a relative position that appears where it
would naturally occur in the document, in contrast to a general layer , which might be
positioned absolutely, regardless of its location in a document. The functionality of layers is
available using CSS positioning, and page developers are advised not to use this element. It
is presented solely for historical purposes in support of existing pages.
Syntax (Netscape 4 Only)
background="URL of image"
bgcolor="color name | #RRGGBB"
class="class name(s)"
clip="x1, y1, x2, y2"
height="percentage | pixels"
id="unique alphanumeric identifier"
src="URL of layer contents"
style="style information"
visibility="hide | inherit | show"
width="percentage | pixels"
Element-Specific Attributes
above This attribute contains the name of the layer to be rendered above the current layer.
background This attribute contains the URL of a background image for the layer.
below This attribute contains the name of the layer to be rendered below the current layer.
bgcolor This attribute specifies a layer's background color. Its value can be either a named
color or a color specified in the hexadecimal #RRGGBB format.
clip This attribute specifies the clipping region or viewable area of the layer. All layer
content outside that rectangle will be rendered as transparent. The clip rectangle is defined
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