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security considerations of a Web page. Given its security implications, this attribute should
only be set if the developer is familiar with HTAs.
bordercolor This attribute sets the color of the frame's border using either a named color or
a color specified in the hexadecimal #RRGGBB format.
frameborder This attribute determines whether the frame is surrounded by an outlined
three-dimensional border. The HTML specification prefers the use of 1 for the frame border
on, and 0 for off; most browsers also acknowledge the use of no and yes .
longdesc This attribute specifies the URL of a document that contains a long description of
the frame's content. This attribute should be used in conjunction with the title element.
marginheight This attribute sets the height, in pixels, between the frame's content and its
top and bottom borders.
marginwidth This attribute sets the width, in pixels, between the frame's content and its left
and right borders.
name This attribute assigns a name to the frame so that it can be the target destination of
hyperlinks as well as a possible candidate for manipulation via a script.
noresize This attribute overrides the default ability to resize frames and gives the frame a
fixed size.
scrolling This attribute determines whether the frame has scroll bars. A yes value forces
scroll bars, a no value prohibits them, and an auto value lets the browser decide. When not
specified, the default value of auto is used. Authors are recommended to leave the value as
auto . If you turn off scrolling and the contents end up being too large for the frame (due to
rendering differences, window size, and so forth), the user will not be able to scroll to see
the rest of the contents. If you turn scrolling on and the contents all fit in the frame, the
scroll bars will needlessly consume screen space. With the auto value, scroll bars appear
only when needed.
security This attribute sets the value indicating whether the source file of a frame has
security restrictions applied. The only allowed value is restricted .
src This attribute contains the URL of the contents to be displayed in the frame. If it is
absent, nothing will be loaded in the frame.
<frameset rows="20%,80%">
<frame src="controls.html" name="controls" noresize scrolling="no">
<frame src="content.html" name="body">
<p> Error: No frame support </p>
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