HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
itemtype="microdata type in URL format"
spellcheck="true | false"
HTML5 Event Attributes
onabort, onblur, oncanplay, oncanplaythrough, onchange, onclick,
oncontextmenu, ondblclick, ondrag, ondragend, ondragenter, ondragleave,
ondragover, ondragstart, ondrop, ondurationchange, onemptied, onended,
onerror, onfocus, onformchange, onforminput, oninput, oninvalid, onkeydown,
onkeypress, onkeyup, onload, onloadeddata, onloadedmetadata, onloadstart,
onmousedown, onmousemove, onmouseout, onmouseover, onmouseup, onmousewheel,
onpause, onplay, onplaying, onprogress, onratechange, onreadystatechange,
onscroll, onseeked, onseeking, onselect, onshow, onstalled, onsubmit,
onsuspend, ontimeupdate, onvolumechange, onwaiting
Events Defined by Internet Explorer
onactivate, onbeforeactivate, onbeforecut, onbeforedeactivate, onbeforepaste,
onblur, oncontextmenu, oncontrolselect, oncut, ondeactivate, onfocus,
onfocusin, onfocusout, onhelp, onload, onlosecapture, onmouseenter,
onmouseleave, onmousewheel, onmove, onmoveend, onmovestart, onpaste,
onpropertychange, onreadystatechange, onresize, onresizeend, onresizestart,
Element-Specific Attributes
align This attribute controls the alignment of adjacent text with respect to the embedded
object. The default value is left .
alt This attribute indicates the text to be displayed if the embedded object cannot be
border This attribute specifies the size, in pixels, of the border around the embedded
code This attribute specifies the name of the file containing the compiled Java class if the
embed element is used to include a Java applet. This is a strange alternative form of Java
inclusion documented by Microsoft.
codebase This specifies the base URL for the plug-in or potential applet in the case of the
alternative form under Internet Explorer.
name This attribute specifies a name for the embedded object, so that it can be referenced
by client-side programs in an embedded scripting language.
palette This attribute is used only on Windows systems to select the color palette used for
the plug-in and might be set to background or foreground . The default is background .
pluginspage This attribute contains the URL of instructions for installing the plug-in
required to render the embedded object.
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