HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<option> Mr. Pibb </option>
<option> Mt. Dew </option>
<option> 7-Up </option>
Opera 9.5+
• This element could be simulated with other browsers using script, custom elements,
and careful use of CSS.
<dd> (Definition Description in a Definition List
or Content in Details or Figure)
This element indicates the definition of a term within a list of defined terms ( <dt> ) enclosed
by a definition list ( <dl> ). Under HTML5, the element is also found with details and
figure elements enclosing the content of the element.
Standard Syntax
class="class name(s)"
dir="ltr | rtl"
id="unique alphanumeric identifier"
lang="language code"
style="style information"
title="advisory text">
Attributes Introduced by HTML5
accesskey="spaced list of accelerator key(s)"
contenteditable="true | false | inherit"
contextmenu="id of menu"
data-X="user-defined data"
draggable="true | false | auto"
itemid="microdata id in URL format"
itemprop="microdata value"
itemref="space-separated list of IDs that may contain microdata"
itemtype="microdata type in URL format"
spellcheck="true | false"
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