HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Not currently supported by any browser, but addressed with
a custom element combined with JavaScript.
• This element is currently in extremely raw form and without implementations its
usage should be considered speculative.
<comment> (Comment Information)
This nonstandard Internet Explorer element treats enclosed text as comments. This element
should not be used.
Syntax Defined by Internet Explorer
data="URL" (6)
id="unique alphanumeric identifier" (4)
lang="language code" (4)
title="advisory text"> (4)
Event Defined by Internet Explorer
Element-Specific Attribute
data This attribute references a URL that contains the comment information.
<comment> This is not the proper way to form
comments!!! </comment>
No standards support
Internet Explorer 4, 5, 5.5, 6
• It is better to use standard <!--. . .--> comment rather than this tag.
• Because the comment element is not supported by all browsers, commented text
done in this fashion will appear in other browsers.
<datalist> (List of Prefill Data)
This HTML5 element contains option elements that populate an input element with
type="list" . These listed items would be considered the quick choices for the field, not
a limitation of what can be entered, which would be the functionality of a select menu.
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