HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Events Defined by Internet Explorer
onactivate, onafterupdate, onbeforeactivate, onbeforecopy, onbeforecut,
onbeforedeactivate, onbeforeeditfocus, onbeforepaste, onbeforeupdate,
onblur, oncellchange, oncontextmenu, oncontrolselect, onclick, oncopy,
oncut, ondblclick, ondeactivate, ondrag, ondragend, ondragenter,
ondragleave, ondragover, ondragstart, ondrop, onerrorupdate, onfilterchange,
onfocus, onfocusin, onfocusout, onhelp, onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup,
onlosecapture, onmousedown, onmouseenter, onmouseleave, onmousemove,
onmouseout, onmouseover, onmouseup, onmousewheel, onmove, onmoveend,
onmovestart, onpaste, onpropertychange, onreadystatechange, onresizeend,
onresizestart, onscroll, onselectstart
<!-- Switch text direction -->
<p> Some other text here <bdo dir="rtl"> This text will go right to left in
a browser that supports this element </bdo> some more text here. </p>
HTML 4, 4.01, 5
XHTML 1.0, 1.1
Firefox 1+, Internet Explorer 5+,
Netscape 6+, Opera 7+, Safari 2+
• The HTML 4 specification did not specify events for this element; they were added
later, so this likely was simply an oversight.
<bgsound> (Background Sound)
This Internet Explorer element associates a background sound with a page.
Common Syntax (Defined by Internet Explorer)
id="unique alphanumeric identifier"
src="URL of sound file"
Events Defined by Internet Explorer
onlayoutcomplete, onmouseenter, onmouseleave, onreadystatechange
Element-Specific Attributes
balance This attribute defines a number between -10,000 and +10,000 that determines how
the volume will be divided between the speakers.
loop This attribute indicates the number of times a sound is to be played and has either a
positive numeric value or -1 to specify that it will continuously loop. The keyword
infinite is also supported in many Internet Explorer implementations.
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