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Event Attribute
Fires when a looped marquee begins or starts over.
Fires when the user clicks the stop button in the browser.
Fires when local DOM storage is changed by setting or removing an item
(IE 8+ only).
Fires when local DOM storage is committed to disk (IE 8+ only).
Fires whenever a time-specific error occurs, usually as a result of setting
a property to an invalid value.
Fires when a network event exceeds a defined timeout value generally set
in JavaScript (IE 8+ only).
T ABLE 3-6 Microsoft's Extended Event Model (continued)
HTML Element Reference
The element entries that follow generally include the following information:
Brief summary Brief summary of the element's purpose
Standard syntax HTML 4.01, HTML5, or XHTML 1.0 syntax for the element,
including attributes and event handlers defined by the W3C specification
Attributes defined by browser Additional syntax defined by different browsers
Standard events Descriptions of event handler attributes for the element
Events defined by browser Additional event attributes introduced by other
browsers, primarily by Internet Explorer
Examples Examples using the element
Compatibility The element's general compatibility with HTML and XHTML
specifications and browser versions
Notes Additional information about the element
All attributes that are not defined in a particular listing are common attributes that can
be found in the previous sections.
N OTE Listings of attributes and events defined by browser versions assume that these attributes
and events generally remain associated with later versions of that browser. For example,
attributes defined by Internet Explorer 4 are valid for Internet Explorer 5 and higher, and
attributes defined for Netscape 4 remain valid for Netscape browsers as well as Firefox. Safari
information focuses on Safari 2 and 3. The Google Chrome browser is not always directly called
out in this topic, but, given its reliance on the WebKit engine, you should assume Safari entries
will apply to this browser. Compatibility pre-Opera 4 is determined via research not testing; in
cases of uncertainity we assume support from Opera 4. Of course, reasonably this is more for
historical accuracy and will simply not affect modern Web developers.
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