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Event Attribute
onfinish Triggered when a looping marquee finishes.
onfocusin Fires just before an object receives focus.
onfocusout Fires when an object is losing focus.
onhashchange Fires when the current document's URL changes its hash value. Commonly
used for addressing state changes in Ajax applications. Also will be defined
under HTML5.
onhelp Triggered when the user presses the F 1 key or a similar help button in the
user agent.
onlayoutcomplete Fires when the print or print preview process finishes.
onlosecapture Fires when the object loses mouse capture.
onmouseenter Fires when the user moves the mouse pointer into the object.
onmouseleave Fires when the user moves the mouse pointer away from the object.
onmousewheel Fires when the mouse scroll wheel is used.
onmove Triggered when the user moves a window.
onmoveend Fires when an object stops moving.
onmovestart Fires when an object starts moving.
onpaste Fires when selected content is pasted into a document.
onprogress Fires to indicate that some data is available for consumption. Generally
used in Ajax requests to access responses in progress.
onpropertychange Fires when a property changes on an object.
onreadystatechange Fires whenever the ready state for an object has changed. May move
through various states as network-fetched data is received.
Triggered whenever an object is resized.
Fires when the user finishes changing the dimensions of an object.
Fires when the user begins to change the dimensions of an object.
Indicates that a bound data row has changed and new data values are
Fires just prior to a bound datasource control changing the current row.
Fires when dataset rows are about to be deleted.
Fires when dataset rows are inserted.
Fires when a scrolling element is repositioned.
Fires when the selection state of a document changes.
Fires when the user begins to select information by highlighting.
T ABLE 3-6 Microsoft's Extended Event Model (continued)
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