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Event Description
onpageshow Fires when a suspended page is shown again.
onpause Fires when a media element pauses by user or script control.
onplay Fires when a media element starts to play, commonly after a pause has
onplaying Fires when a media element's playback has just started.
onpopstate Fires when the session state changes for the window. This may be due to
history navigation or may be triggered programmatically.
onprogress Indiciates the user agent is fetching data. Generally applies to media
elements, but Ajax syntax has used a similar event.
onratechange Fires when the playback rate for media changes.
onreadystatechange Fires whenever the ready state for an object has changed. May move
through various states as network-fetched data is received.
Triggered when an action redo is fired.
Indicates that the form is being reset, possibly by the click of a reset
Fires when a resize event is triggered on the element or bubbles up from
some descendent element.
Fires when a scroll event is triggered on the element or bubbles up from
some descendent element.
Indicates the user agent has just finished the seeking event.
Indicates the user agent is attempting to seek a new media position, and
has had time to fire the event as the media point of interest has not been
Indicates the selection of text by the user, typically by highlighting the
desired text.
Fires when a context menu is shown. The event should remain until the
context menu is dismissed.
Fires when the user agent attempts to fetch media data but, unexpectedly,
nothing arrives.
Fires when data is committed to the local DOM storage system.
Indicates a form submission, generally by clicking a submit button.
Fires when a media stream is intentionally not being fetched but is not yet
fully loaded.
Fires when the time position of the media updates either in the standard
course of playing or in a seek or jump.
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