HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
N OTE The term DHTML is more of a concept of using JavaScript a certain way with HTML and
CSS than a particular technology.
The DOM specifications have now been retired and the DOM bindings are specified
inside of the HTML5 specification itself. The HTML5 specification intermixes the definition
of an element's markup with its script interface. All HTML elements have a basic interface
called HTMLElement , reproduced here:
interface HTMLElement : Element {
// DOM tree accessors
NodeList getElementsByClassName(in DOMString classNames);
// dynamic markup insertion
attribute DOMString innerHTML;
attribute DOMString outerHTML;
void insertAdjacentHTML(in DOMString position, in DOMString text);
// metadata attributes
attribute DOMString id;
attribute DOMString title;
attribute DOMString lang;
attribute DOMString dir;
attribute DOMString className;
readonly attribute DOMTokenList classList;
readonly attribute DOMStringMap dataset;
// microdata
attribute boolean itemScope;
attribute DOMString itemType;
attribute DOMString itemId;
attribute DOMString itemRef;
[PutForwards=value] readonly attribute DOMSettableTokenList itemProp;
readonly attribute HTMLPropertiesCollection properties;
attribute any itemValue;
// user interaction
attribute boolean hidden;
void click();
void scrollIntoView();
void scrollIntoView(in boolean top);
attribute long tabIndex;
void focus();
void blur();
attribute DOMString accessKey;
readonly attribute DOMString accessKeyLabel;
attribute boolean draggable;
attribute DOMString contentEditable;
readonly attribute boolean isContentEditable;
attribute HTMLMenuElement contextMenu;
attribute DOMString spellcheck;
// command API
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