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The global contextmenu attribute is used to define an element's context menu, which is
generally the menu invoked upon a right-click. The attribute's value should hold a string
that references the id of a <menu> tag found in the DOM. For example,
<div contextmenu="simpleMenu"> Widget </div>
would reference the previously defined menu via a right-click. If there is no element found
or no value, then the element has no special context menu and the user agent should show
its default menu. Internet Explorer and many other browsers support an oncontextmenu
attribute that could be used to implement the idea of this emerging attribute.
Again, all of this is completely speculative and meant to illustrate the concept; so far, no
browser natively implements this functionality, though it wouldn't be a stretch to have
JavaScript emulate this.
command Element
The menu element may contain not just links but also other interactive items, including the
newly introduced command element. This empty element takes a label and may have
an icon decoration as well. The command element has a type attribute, which may be set
to command , radio , or checkbox , though when radio is employed there needs to be
a radiogroup indication. A simple example here with the repurposed menu element should
illustrate the possible use of this element:
<menu type="command" label="Main Menu">
<command type="command" label="Add" icon="add.png">
<command type="command" label="Edit" icon="edit.png">
<command type="command" label="Delete" icon="delete.png">
<menu type="command" label="Skin" id="skinMenu">
<command type="radio" radiogroup="skin" label="Classic">
<command type="radio" radiogroup="skin" label="Modern" checked>
<command type="radio" radiogroup="skin" label="Neo">
<command type="checkbox" label="Secure Mode">
Such a menu might look like the following:
But again, this is just illustrative and in this case, I am somewhat skeptical about the
command element because it seems to share many of the aspects of traditional form field
controls, so why more elements are needed is unclear.
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