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HTML5's Open Media Effort
An interesting aspect of HTML5 that is reminiscent of the previous efforts of Netscape and
Microsoft is the support for tag-based multimedia in HTML documents. Traditionally,
multimedia has been inserted with the embed and object elements, particularly when
inserting Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime, Windows Media, and other formats. However,
there was a time when tags specifically to insert media were supported; interestingly, some
of those features, such as the dynsrc attribute for <img> tags, lived on until just recently.
HTML5 brings this concept of tag-based multimedia back.
To insert video, use a <video> tag and set its src attribute to a local or remote URL containing
a playable movie. You should also display playblack controls by including the controls
attribute, as well as set the dimensions of the movie to its natural size. This simple demo shows
the use of the new element:
<video src=""
width="640" height="360" controls>
<strong> HTML5 video element not supported </strong>
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