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Table 5.3 Some currently operating space-born sensor systems commonly used for urban
System/sensor and Internet link
Spatial and temporal resolution
PAN: 0.6/0.7 m
MS: 2.4/2.8 m
1-3 days
PAN: 0.5-1 m
OSA (Optical Sensor Assembly)
MS: 1.6-4 m
1-3 days
LISS: 23.5 m
LISS 3 (linear imaging self-scanning system)
PAN: 5.8 m
24 (5) days
VNIR:10 m
HRG (high resolution geometric)
SWIR: 20 m
PAN: 2.5-5 m
5 days
VNIR: 15 m
SWIR: 30 m
TIR: 90 m
16 days
Landsat 7; ETM+ (Enhanced Thematic Mapper plus)
Band 1-5.7: 30 m (VNIR and SWIR)
TIR: 60 m
PAN: 15 m
16 days
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