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Phase 2 - Site Development: Detailed
developable land includes
greenfield locations at the edge
of urban areas, brownfield areas
(e.g., derelict industrial sites), and
land for other special projects
planning of subdivision layouts and land
use allocation (P), provision of minor
infrastructure to service individual plots
(S), construction of required buildings
(B), and occupation by the users (O).
Figure 5.1 shows how the two phases are incorporated in the PSBO model
(Planning-Servicing-Building-Occupation), a formal model that is the basis of
most urban planning systems. The PSBO model consists of a sequential series of
processes designed for the orderly conversion of rural land to urban land. Phase 1
activities are usually performed at a cycle of approximately 10 years and are used
to guide a series of subsequent site development cycles throughout Phase 2.
Decisions made during each phase are based on a set of norms and regulations that
together define the minimum acceptable standards that new development must
comply with before the approved activity can formally commence.
Each phase has different requirements for spatial data. In the city development
phase, which is more strategic in nature and concerned with establishing the main
spatial framework for future development, the focus is on general descriptions of land
use, environmental conditions, and main infrastructure elements. The city develop-
ment phase thus requires data that describes existing conditions and also projects the
demands of future residents and organizations for land, services, and employment.
Such data is typically at a relatively small scale (1:10,000-1:25,000), depending on
Structure Planning & Zoning
Provide Trunk Infrastructure
Land Assembly
Site Plans & Land Subdivision
Occupation of Land
Building Construction
Provide Local Services
Building Construction
Detailed Plans &
Land Regularisation
Occupation & Operation
Provide Local Services
Fig. 5.1 Phases and processes in formal (planned) and informal (unplanned) urban development
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