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Fig. 17.9 Gross Domestic Product per capita in Guatemala at ~1 km 2 spatial resolution
this with the elite, low-density suburbs just east of the city. In many residential zones
outside of Guatemala City's CBD, especially to the east, a quick drive through the
neighborhoods reflects the patterns shown in Fig. 17.9 . These eastern zones are
dominated by the homes of Guatemala's elite, each house sitting on a large lot with
commanding views of the densely populated city center below.
Mapping GDP in this fashion also reveals a well-recognized pattern of poverty
in Guatemala. Basically, all Guatemalan government statistics tell us that the indig-
enous western, and northwestern regions are the poorest regions in Guatemala. This
area is dominated by indigenous inhabitants and was also the region most impacted
by the civil war in the 1980s and 1990s.
Another area of Guatemala is worthy of our focus. In this case the data depict
areas of extreme poverty along Guatemala's pacific coast. On the map we see
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