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Chapter 16
Using Satellite Images in Policing Urban
Meshgan Mohammad Al-Awar and Farouk El-Baz
This chapter discusses the role of remote sensing technology in the monitoring and
management of security in cities and in assuring the timely policing of urban envi-
ronments. The chapter presents application examples from the Dubai's Police in the
United Arab Emirates to show how the utilization of geo-referenced satellite images
on top of GIS platforms can allow the immediate location of the needed response.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to:
Speculate on general role of remote sensing technology in
policing urban environments
List and discuss the range of geospatial techniques used in the
proper analysis of crime data
Identify basic skills and knowledge required for the efficient
use of remote sensing in community policing
Crime rates in most cities are on the rise, fueled by a large and growing population
with differences in density, diversity in racial and ethnic backgrounds, and decreas-
ing economic health. Law enforcement agencies are required to respond to these
increasing crime rates. In doing so, they face numerous challenges that frequently
M.M. Al-Awar ( * ) and F. El-Baz
Research and Studies Center, Dubai Police Academy, 53900 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
F. El-Baz
Center for Remote Sensing, Boston University, 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA,
02215-1401, USA
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