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FIGURE 9.6 Atomic structure and the space filling stacking model of Fe-Pc (A,C) and Fe-SPc (B,D).
Source : Reproduced with permission from Wu et al. [53]. (See color insert.)
reaction (Fig. 9.8). Though the CO 3 O 4 and graphenen oxide alone has little
catalytic activity, their hybrid exhibits an unexpected, surprisingly high
oxygen reduction reaction performance.
Anderson et al. calculated the adsorption energies of the reactants, reac-
tion intermediates, and products for water oxidation and O 2 reduction in
acid on the (008), (002), and (202) surfaces of Co 9 S 8 using the Vienna ab
initio simulation program (VASP) (Fig. 9.9). They found that the partially
OH-covered (202) surface is active toward O 2 reduction. On this surface,
water cannot block the active sites, and heat loss from O 2 dissociative che-
misorptions necessitates the overpotential for four-electron reaction.
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