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Over the past 11 chapters, you have been immersed in the world of HTML5 Canvas. We have
building your own creations. From simple text displays to high-performance games, we have
shown you many ways to bring some of the magic of previous RIA (Rich Internet Applica-
tion) technologies into the plug-in- less browser experience.
techniques for handling text, displaying graphics, scrolling bitmaps, creating animation, de-
tecting multiple types of collisions, embedding and manipulating video, playing music, hand-
web and Windows 8. We even introduced you to the future of 3D and multiuser applications
directly in the web browser and showed you how to get started creating an object model for
the HTML5 Canvas.
However, the true future is up to you. HTML5 and Canvas are dynamic topics that are still in
a rapid state of change and adoption. While this topic is a good starting point, you will need
to keep abreast of new changes to the technology. Visit our website for news and updates on
HTML5 Canvas.
O'Reilly also has several topics that you might find useful, including:
HTML5: Up and Running by Mark Pilgrim
Supercharged JavaScript Graphics by Raffaele Cecco
If you are interested in learning how some of the game-development techniques described in
this topic (as well as many others) can be applied to Flash, check out our other most recent
book, The Essential Guide to Flash Games (friendsofED).
There is a real paradigm shift occurring right now on the Web. For most of the first decade
of the 21st century, Java, Flash, Silverlight, and other plug-in RIA technologies dominated
application development and design. At the time, there appeared to be no better solution for
the development of rich applications in a web browser than to bolt on technology that was not
native to the browser.
enabled applications sold or distributed through an app store. In many ways, these apps are
replacing RIA applications or, at the very least, offering a compelling new platform for their
development and distribution.
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