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Windows 8 Apps and the HTML5 Canvas
One very interesting development that occurred as this topic was going to press was the re-
lease of Windows 8. Windows 8 offers some very interesting ways for developers to create
applications for the operating system and for the Windows Store. One of those methods is to
package HTML5 using Visual Studio 2012.
To demonstrate how easy it is to create an HTML5 Canvas application for Windows 8, we
will take the previous drag-and-drop example and show you the changes that are required to
get it running under Windows 8 as a bare-bones application.
The first thing youneed to dois download Visual Studio Express forWindows 8(if youdon't
already have Visual Studio 2012 installed).
Next, you want to create a new Blank App project using the JavaScript template. (See Fig-
ure 11-8 . )
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