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There is a nifty admin tool for ElectroServer that allows you to view and modify all the sup-
ported protocols and ports, as well as many other cool features of the socket server. In the
/admin directory of the install folder, you should find both an installer for an Adobe AIR ad-
min tool (named something like es5-airadmin-5.0.0.air ), and a /webadmin directory with an
HTML file named webadmin.html . Either one will work for this exercise.
For the admin console to display properly, the server needs to be started.
When you launch the admin tool, you will be asked to supply a username and password. The
default is administrator and password , unless you changed them upon installation.
After you log in, click the Server Management button on the top menu, and then choose
the Gateways option from the side menu. You should see a screen that looks similar to Fig-
ure 11-4 .
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