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Installing ElectroServer
To get started with multiplayer development using HTML5 Canvas and the ElectroServer
socket server, you first need to download the free, 25-user version of the software from Elec-
Linux) at this site .
There are some installation prerequisites, such as having Java version 1.6. For detailed installation
instructions for every OS, visit this site .
The install package includes the server software, client APIs, documentation, and sample
applications. After you have installed the server software, you should have a folder named
somethinglike Electroserver_5_x_ onyourcomputer.WeusedMacOSXforthistest,sothis
folder was created inside the Mac Applications folder. On Windows, it will be created in the
location you specify upon installation.
Starting the server
After you have the files installed, you need to start the ElectroServer socket server by finding
the installation directory and executing the file Start_ElectroServer_5_0_1 . (Note: the three
numbers at the end of this file will change as the version is upgraded, but the concept will
remain the same.)
When ElectroServer starts, you should see a screen similar to Figure 11-3 .
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