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ing for, this might be your best choice.
“WebGL for the lazy” is the tagline for this JavaScript library . The author of the library, Paul
Brunt, says this about GLGE:
spend his/her time creating richer content for the Web.
This is a high-level API that is still in development. Just like O3D, it has the ability to load
and JavaScript. It looks very promising.
Of all of these libraries, GLGE appears to be a favorite among indie developers. It takes a lot
of the pain out of WebGL by using XML to define 3D objects, meshes, materials, and so on.
The most promising WebGL library might be three.js . It's a free, lightweight API that is gain-
ing popularity because it is easy to use and implement.
One final note about WebGL: Microsoft has vowed to not support WebGL in the IE browser. They
believe that it poses a security threat, and they balk at it because it is not a W3C standard. However,
there is a plug-in named iewebgl that will run most WebGL content in Internet Explorer.
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