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Chapter 11. Further Explorations
There are many emerging technologies and frameworks that can help take HTML5 Canvas
into rarely explored areas. Inthis chapter,we will cover a couple ofthose areas: using Canvas
for 3D with WebGL, and using Canvas for multiplayer applications. Both of these areas are
still experimental, requiring you either to download beta/developer versions of browsers or to
launch browsers using command-line switches so that you can turn various technologies off
and on.
We will also cover a couple more topics that, while still involving the Canvas, veer into soft-
ware design and emerging platforms. We will create a sample structure for our Canvas code
and then apply it to a drag-and-drop application. After that, we will take that application and
deploy it on the Microsoft Windows 8 desktop.
This chapter is structured a bit differently. The discussions are focused on giving you some
tools and information about these new and emerging areas for Canvas. While we will offer
to learning than on teaching you how every detail works.
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