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Retro Blaster Touch
We are going to use the guts of the GeoBlaster Extended game from Chapter 9 , change it up a
bit graphically, and then modify it for touch controls. Mouse movement and touch movement
are handled in different manners between the desktop and mobile Safari browsers, so most of
our code changes will be in this area. We will also be adding in auto-fire to the game, because
we don't want the user to have to press any complicated on-screen buttons to fire missiles.
The original Retro Blaster was one of the first indie Flash games that we ever completed.
If you search for “8bitrocket Retro Blaster” on the Internet, you will find it in a number of
places. It is a much more complicated and intricate game than we are going to create here.
What we have done is replace the tile sheets from GeoBlaster Extended with game graphics
from Retro Blaster, and we have added a background graphic and title screen.
Figures 10-6 and 10-7 show the new player ship tile sheets that we will be using.
Figure 10-6. Retro Blaster ship tiles 1
Figure 10-7. Retro Blaster ship tiles 2 (with thrust)
Figures 10-8 , 10-9 , and 10-10 show examples of the large, medium, and small rock tile sheets
that we will use in this version of the Retro Blaster Touch game.
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