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Throughout this topic, we have used game and entertainment-related subjects to demonstrate
canvas application building concepts. Over these last two chapters, we've sped up the game
discussion and covered many game concepts directly by creating two unique games and op-
timizing a third with bitmaps and object pooling. We also introduced the powerful concept
of tile-based coarse and fine scrolling and A* path finding to the mix. In doing so, we have
applied many of the concepts from the earlier chapters in full-blown game applications and
have added a new secret technique that can be applied to make some very powerful games
and game engines. The techniques used to create a game on Canvas can be applied to almost
any Canvas application, from image viewers to stock charting. The sky is really the limit be-
cause the canvas allows the developer a full suite of powerful, low-level capabilities that can
be molded into any application.
In Chapter 10 , welookatportingasimplegamefromCanvasintoanativeiPhoneapplication
and optimizing Geo Blaster Extended for a touch-based interface.
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