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A Simple Tile-Based Game
Let's move from Asteroids to another classic game genre, the tile-based maze-chase game.
When you're discussing early tile-based games, undoubtedly Pac-Man enters the conversa-
tion. Pac-Man was one of the first commercially successful tile-based games, although it cer-
tainly was not the first of its kind. The maze-chase genre was actually well covered by bud-
ding game developers before microcomputers were even thought possible. Many minicom-
puter and mainframe tile-based games, such as Daleks , were crafted in the '60s and '70s. In
this section, we create a simple turn-based maze-chase game. Our game, Micro Tank Maze , is
based loosely on Daleks , but we use the tank sprites from Chapter 4 . Figure 9-10 is a screen-
shot from the finished game.
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