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Figure 9-3. The ship_tiles2.png tile sheet
The next three sets of tiles are for the rocks the player will destroy. We have three sheets for
these: largerocks.png ( Figure 9-4 ) , mediumrocks.png ( Figure 9-5 ) , and smallrocks.png ( Fig-
ure 9-6 ).
Figure 9-4. The largerocks.png tile sheet
Figure 9-5. The mediumrocks.png tile sheet
Figure 9-6. The smallrocks.png tile sheet
These three tile sheets need to be only five tiles each. Because the rock is a square, we can
simply repeat the five frames to simulate rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise
The saucer that attempts to shoot the player is a single tile, saucer.png , shown in Figure 9-7 .
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