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Figure 8-13. The Example 8-14 15×15 tile map with no path finding applied
Along with changing the map data for Example 8-14 , we will also be adding new start and
end nodes to reflect the larger map size. Let's choose a start node of row 4, column 1, and end
nodeofrow13,column10.Thiswouldrequireustomakechangestothenew startNode and
endNode variables. The changes for Example 8-14 are simple, but they will create this larger
map and provide a better demonstration of the capabilities of the and astar.js func-
In Example 8-14 we will demonstrate what happens when we increase the size of the
Example 8-13 tile map and run the A* functions. The following code shows the changes to
the startNode and endNode for this larger tile map.
//Example 8-14 startNode and endNode
var graph = new
new Graph ( tileMap );
var startNode = { x : 4 , y : 1 }; // use values of map turned on side
var endNode = { x : 13 , y : 10 };
If you make all of the changes to Example 8-13 listed previously, the result will be
Example 8-14 . The result of Example 8-14 is shown in Figure 8-14 .
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