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context . lineTo ( 9 , 0 );
context . stroke ();
context . closePath ();
As a refresher on drawing with paths, review the following steps:
1. Always start a new path with the context.beginPath() function call.
2. Set context.strokeStyle() before starting to draw the path.
3. Use a combination of the context.moveTo() and context.drawTo() stroke commands to
paint the path lines.
4. End the drawing with the context.stroke() call, and close off the path with con-
text.closePath() .
We are drawing to the upper-left corner of the screen, starting at 0 , 0 . Figure 8-3 shows what
this will look like.
Figure 8-3. The player ship on the canvas
The ship with thrust engaged (frame 2)
Now let's take a look at the second frame of animation for the player ship, which is shown in
Figure 8-4 .
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