HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Needed Assets
For our Asteroids -like game, Geo Blaster Basic , we will need some very simple game graph-
ics, including:
▪ A solid black background.
▪ A player ship that will rotate and thrust (move on a vector) across the game screen. There
will be two frames of animation for this ship: a “static” frame and a “thrust” frame.
▪ A saucer that flies across the screen and shoots at the player.
▪ Some “rocks” for the player to shoot. We will use a simple square as our rock.
There are two different methods we can employ to draw the graphics for our game: bitmap
images or paths. For the game in this chapter, we will focus on using paths. In Chapter 9 , we
will explore how to manipulate bitmap images for our game graphics.
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