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Animation Loop
To make anything move on the Canvas, you need an animation loop . An animation loop is
a function called over and over on an interval. The function is used to clear the Canvas and
redraw it with updated images, text, video, and drawing objects.
The easiest way to create an interval for animation is to use a simple setTimeout() loop. To
do this, we create a function named gameLoop() (it can be called anything you like) that uses
window.setTimeout() to call itself after a specified time period. For our application, that
time period will be 20 milliseconds. The function then resets itself to call again in 20 milli-
seconds and then calls drawScreen() .
Using this method, drawScreen() is called every 20 milliseconds. We will place all of our
drawing code in drawScreen() . This method does the same thing as using setInterval()
but, because it clears itself and does not run forever, is much better for performance:
function gameLoop () {
window . setTimeout ( gameLoop , 20 );
drawScreen ()
gameLoop ();
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