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Iteration #1: Playing Sounds Using a Single Object
We just described the first iteration of the dynamic audio code. It works by attempting to call
the play() function of both shootSound and explodeSound as often as necessary. This ap-
pears to work at first, but if you listen carefully (and this is apparent on some browsers more
than others), the sounds start to play “off,” or not play at all. This is because we are using
a single object and attempting to play and replay the same sound over and over. A single
HTMLAudioElement was not designed to operate this way. You can test this example in the
codedistributionbyrunning CH7EX6.html inyourHTML5-compliantwebbrowser.Pressthe
start to play at the wrong time, don't finish, or don't play at all. Figure 7-7 shows what the
first iteration of Space Raiders looks like in a web browser.
Figure 7-7. Space Raiders playing sounds from two objects
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