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Fortunately, there is a great free audio tool available that will help you convert audio into any
format. In our case, we need to convert to .mp3 , .ogg , and .wav .
Audacity is an open source, cross-platform project designed to bring sophisticated audio edit-
ing to the desktop. The current version works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Figure 7-2 shows a sample screen from Audacity. When you load a sound into Audacity, it
displays the waveform of the sound. You can manipulate the sound in many ways, including
trimming, splitting, and duplicating, and then add effects such as fade, echo, reverse, and so
on. After editing a sound, you export it to the sound format that you would like to create. In
our case, that would be .ogg , .wav , and .mp3 .
.mp3 format. To export .mp3 audio, you will need to download the LAME .mp3 encoder . LAME is
also an open source project.
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