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Example 2: Put Video on the Canvas and Take a Screenshot
Next, we are going to modify the sixth example from this chapter ( CH6EX6.html ). As a re-
fresher, in that example, we used the Canvas to display a video by dynamically adding an
HTMLVideoElement object to the page and then using it as the source for video displayed on
the Canvas. For this example, we will use getUserMedia() as the source for the video on the
canvas and display it in the same way. However, we will add the ability to take a screenshot
of the video by using the canvas context.toDataURL() method.
The first thing we do is create a dynamic video element ( videoElement ) and a dynamically
created <div> to hold it on the page, and then we make both invisible by setting the style of
videoDiv to display:none . This will get our video onto the page but hide it, because we
want to display it on the canvas.
Next we check our userMediaSupported() function to see whether we can access the web-
cam. If so, we call startVideo() to start the media capture and then call canvasApp() to
start our application:
function eventWindowLoaded () {
videoElement = document . createElement ( "video" );
videoDiv = document . createElement ( 'div' );
document . body . appendChild ( videoDiv );
videoDiv . appendChild ( videoElement );
videoDiv . setAttribute ( "style" , "display:none;" );
iif ( userMediaSupported ()) {
startVideo ();
canvasApp ();
} else
else {
alert ( "getUserMedia() Not Supported" )
The startVideo() function is nearly identical to the one we created for the last example.
We get a reference to the getUserMedia() function for this browser and then make a call to
getUserMedia() , passing an object that represents features we want to capture, plus callback
functions for success and fail:
function startVideo () {
navigator . getUserMedia = navigator . getUserMedia ||
navigator . webkitGetUserMedia ||
navigator . mozGetUserMedia || navigator . msGetUserMedia ;
navigator . getUserMedia ({ video : true
true , audio : true
true }, mediaSuccess , mediaFail );
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