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Converting Video Formats
we are going to use .ogg , .mp4 , and .webm videos in all our projects, we need to have a way
to convert video to these formats. Converting video can be a daunting task for someone unfa-
miliar with all the existing and competing formats; luckily, there are some great free tools to
help us do just that:
Miro Video Converter
This application will quickly convert most video types to .ogg , .mp4 , and .webm . It is
available for both Windows and Mac.
This is a free video-conversion tool for Windows only that creates .mp4 and .ogg formats.
Ifyoucannavigate throughthemaze ofscreens tryingtosell youotherproducts,itcanbe
very useful for video conversions.
This video-converter application for the Macintosh platform creates .mp4 and .ogg file
This is the ultimate cross-platform, command-line tool for doing video conversions. It
works in Windows/Mac/Linux and can do nearly any conversion you desire. However,
there is no GUI interface, so it can be daunting for beginners. Some of the preceding tools
listed here use FFmpeg as their engine to do video conversions.
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