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Theora + Vorbis = .ogg
Theora is an open source, free video codec developed by Vorbis is a free, open
in an .ogg file. Ogg files have the broadest support among traditional web browsers but, un-
fortunately, not on handheld devices. These files can also be represented by . ogv (video) and
.oga (audio).Manycommercialcompanies(forexample,Apple)havebalkedatusingTheora/
Vorbis because they are unsure about whether somewhere, someplace, someone might own a
patent that covers part of the technology, and thus they might get sued for using it.
Sometimes technology companies get hit with what is known as a submarine patent . This was a pat-
ent tactic—available up until 1995 in the United States—that allowed a filer to delay the publication
of a patent. Because patents were only enforceable for 17 years, if someone filed one but delayed the
publication, he could wait years (even decades) until someone else came up with the same idea and
then hit that person with a lawsuit.
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