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Box2D and the Canvas
Nowthat wehave discussed howtousemath andphysics tocreate animations onthe Canvas,
it's time to take this discussion to the next level and implement a popular JavaScript library
named Box2D . Box2Disaphysicsmodelinglibraryfor2Dgraphics.Wewilluseittoreplace
some of the complex code we developed manually for some of the earlier examples in this
Box2D was originally developed for C++ by Erin Catto and gained popularity as a library
named Box2DFlashAS3 for making Flash games in ActionScript 3. There are two Box2D im-
plementations for JavaScript. The first is Box2Djs , and the other is Box2dWeb . Box2dWeb
is the latest and greatest and had has been updated to Box2D 2.1, so that is the version we
will use in our examples. Box2dWeb was ported directly from ActionScript 3 for use on the
HTML5 Canvas.
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