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we will explore what we can do if we want the moving object to change direction when it hits
something, such as a wall.
Figure 5-4 shows what Example 5-3 looks like when it is executed in a web browser. Recall
that the points are drawn for illustration only.
Figure 5-4. Moving an object on a vector
Example 5-3 gives the full code listing.
Example 5-3. Moving on a vector
<!doctype html>
<html lang= "en" >
<meta charset= "UTF-8" >
<title> CH5EX3: Moving On A Vector </title>
< script src = "modernizr.js" >< /script>
< script type = "text/javascript" >
window . addEventListener ( 'load' , eventWindowLoaded , false
false );
function eventWindowLoaded () {
canvasApp ();
function canvasSupport () {
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