HTML and CSS Reference
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A Simple HTML5 Page
Now let's look at this page in a web browser. (This would be a great time to get your tools
together to start developing code.) Open your chosen text editor, and get ready to use your
preferred web browser: Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or IE.
1. In your text editor, type in the code from Example 1-1 .
2. Save the code as CH1EX1.html in a directory of your choosing.
3. Under the File menu in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, you should find the option Open
File. Click that selection. Youshouldthensee aboxtoopenafile. (OnWindowsusing
Chrome, you might need to press Ctrl+O to open a file.)
4. Locate the CH1EX1.html that you just created.
5. Click Open.
You should see something similar to Figure 1-1 .
Figure 1-1. HTML Hello World!
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