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Examining the Tile Sheet
The tile sheet is formatted into a series of tiles starting at the top left. As with a two-dimen-
sional array, the numbering starts at 0—we call this 0 relative . Moving from left to right and
down, each tile will be referenced by a single number index (as opposed to a multidimension-
al index). The gray square in the top left is tile 0, while the tank at the end of the first row
(the rightmost tank) is tile 7. Moving down to the next row, the first tank on the far left of the
secondrowistile 8,andsoonuntilthefinaltile onrow3(thefourthrowdownwhenwestart
numbering at 0) is tile 31. We have four rows with eight columns each, making 32 tiles with
indexes numbered 0 to 31.
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