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Making Text Accessible
The W3C Reading text in Canvas document provides guidance on how future developers
elements for text. (See Chapter 1 . ) Here is what they say:
When an author renders text on a canvas with fillText or strokeText, they must also add an html
element (div or span) with the same text, styling and position to the canvas subdom. The bound-
ing box of the text should be set with the setElementPath method. (See
Canvas_hit_testing . )
This enables user agents to use the subdom text to deliver an accessible experience, as the sub-
dom text acts as a proxy for the rendered text in the bitmap.
User agents that support caret browsing can use the subdom text cursor position to indicate the
current caret location on the screen. Authors that wish to enable text selection can keep the se-
lection range(onthecanvas)insyncwiththetext selection rangeinthecanvassubdomelement;
user agents can use that information to render a selection indication on the screen.
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