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Image Patterns and Text
Another option for filling text on HTML5 Canvas is to use an Image object. We will devote
all of Chapter 4 to using the Image API, so here we will discuss only the basics of how to use
one as a pattern for a text fill.
To create an image pattern, call the createPattern() method of the Canvas context, passing
a reference to an Image object, and an option for repetition :
var pattern = context . createPattern ( [ image ] , [ repetition ] );
Avalid Image objectthathasbeenloadedwithanimagebysettingthe pattern.src prop-
erty and waiting for the image to load by setting an event listener for the Image onload
event. The Canvas specification also allows for a video element or another <canvas> to
be used here as well.
The “tiling” of the image. This can have one of four values:
The image is tiled on both the x- and y-axes.
The image is tiled only on the x-axis (horizontally).
The image is tiled only on the y-axis (vertically).
The image is not tiled.
To use the image pattern, apply it to the fillStyle and strokeStyle properties of the con-
text, just as you would apply a color:
context . fillStyle = pattern ;
context . strokeStyle = pattern ;
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