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Text Arranger Version 2.0
Now try the new version of Text Arranger, shown in Example 3-2 . It is CH3EX2.html in the
code distribution. You can see that we have added a ton of new options that did not exist in
version 1.0. One of the most striking things is how fluidly the text grows and shrinks as the
font size is updated. Now, imagine scripting the font size to create animations. How would
you do that? Could you create an application to record the manipulations the user makes with
Text Arranger and then play them back in real time?
Also, notice how all the alignment options affect one another. Experiment with how changing
the text direction affects the vertical alignment. Choose different font faces, and see how they
affect the baseline. Do you see how an application like Text Arranger can help you under-
stand the complex relationships of all the text properties on HTML5 Canvas in an interactive
and—dare we say—fun way?
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