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Setting Basic Fill Colors
The Canvas fillStyle property is used to set a basic color for filling shapes on the canvas.
We saw this earlier in the chapter when we used simple color names for our fillStyle . An
example is:
context . fillStyle = "red" ;
Below is a list of the usable color string values from the HTML4 specification. As of this
writing, the HTML5 color specification has not been set. In the absence of any additional
HTML5-specific colors, the HTML4 colors will work properly in HTML5:
Black = #000000
Green = #008000
Silver = #C0C0C0
Lime = #00FF00
Gray = #808080
Olive = #808000
White = #FFFFFF
Yellow = #FFFF00
Maroon = #800000
Navy = #000080
Red = #FF0000
Blue = #0000FF
Purple = #800080
Teal = #008080
Fuchsia = #FF00FF
Aqua = #00FFFF
All these color values will work with the strokeStyle property as well as the fillStyle property.
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