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Plots showing comparison of image 8 versus other images with different
some cases where tNM gives a more accurate nearness measurement than TOD and TCD.
This can be explained by the fact that the measurements computed with TOD and TCD
depend on many factors such as γ and the values of their results vary based on different
parameter adjustments. The preliminary results for the TCD similarity measure are shown
in this paper, and are compared with the measurements computed with the tNM and TOD
nearness measures. However, further studies are needed to have a better understanding
of TCD and TOD, especially when the number of features (probe functions) used in the
system increases. In that case, the overlaps between tolerance classes becomes less, and
TOD will not work quite as well, since it is based on the distribution of overlaps between
tolerance classes. TCD, on the other hand, does not depend on overlaps between tolerance
classes and will not be undermined by large number of features (probe functions).
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